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Case study no. 7 – School


With the continuing evolution of Internet 2.0, where information is flowing in both ways, not just the one, it is easier than ever to quickly find access and use specific information you may require. Together with the introduction of smartphones, tablets and other smart and portable devices that are getting smaller every day, this has created a new problem for education in general and for taking of written and verbal exams. The constant ringing and writing of sms while the class is in progress, and calling between classes is also bothersome. Andrew S., a principal in high school decided to do something about it and after consulting with the teachers and parents alike, and security specialists, decided to utilize X-BAG®s in the entire school to make the environment more concentration-friendly and the taking of tests more transparent and fair. At the beginning of every class, every student has to relinquish his cell or smartphone to the teacher, who places it in the X-BAG®. Since X-BAG® blocks all incoming and outgoing signals to and from devices placed inside, there is no bothersome ringing or vibrating and the students as well as the teacher can concentrate on the class. This is also being done when the students take tests, so they can’t cheat. The cell and smartphones are nicely secure and protected, nothing can happen to them. Since there are a number of students in each class and each student takes several classes a day, it’s much easier just to put the device in the X-BAG® than to set it up in some specific non-bothering setup or shut it off and on again. Even the students say that this is nicer and easier solution than anything else. When the devices are in the X-BAG®, there is just no doubt that the student can’t cheat when taking tests, at least not by using his or hers device. The X-BAG® thus offers easy, elegant and simple solution to a common problem. It is state of the art, timeless, high-performance, shields also less used frequencies and is future-proof against even the upcoming technologies. Last but not least, it’s a stress-free solution and this kind of innovation technologies is always welcome.