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Case study no. 9 – Law enforcement agencies


We are living in an information age, where cyber-attacks, identity thefts, unauthorized bank account withdrawals and hackings happen on a daily basis. Not to mention all the information collecting from governments, organizations, companies and individuals alike. We really have to do everything we can to protect our personal data, our identity. X-BAG® is an extremely popular product among police, army, security units and other law enforcement agencies and organizations. ”X-BAG® became a part of our standard equipment and we use it practically for everything. Whenever we have a raid or are securing a crime scene, we use the X-BAG® for securing and transport of not just the electronic devices and also other evidence. You never know, who, how and when might try to tamper with it.” Paul T. chief of a special police force unit Since X-BAG® shield all RF, GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G cell network, WiFi, Bluetooth & other, it can prevent the evidence to be tampered with, or even remotely destroyed, because the outside signals can’t penetrate X-BAG®. ”We also use it in the transport of electronic information carriers in the diplomatic post. (HDD, SSD, FLASH memory, cell phone, …). X-BAG® is an excellent solution for protecting electronic information carriers against scanning, unwanted emission or damage by electromagnetic radiation during transport.” Paul T. Vince T., chief of a private security company, says they use the X-BAG® not only for the protection of their customers but also for themselves, when they don’t want to be tracked, since X-BAG® also blocks all outgoing signals, thus the cell or smartphone or tablet or some other device can’t be tracked, it’s position can’t be discovered. The X-BAG® is very popular among security professionals, because it offers easy, elegant and simple solution to many common problems. It is state of the art, timeless, high-performance, shields also less used frequencies and is future-proof against even the upcoming technologies. Last but not least, it’s a stress-free solution and this kind of innovation technologies is always welcome.