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Case study no. 6 – Production line


Industrial espionage is the type of spying that happens all the time, but because of the sensitivity and nature of the issue and image of the company, it isn’t talked about as often as some of the other spying. Now with the gadgets and personal devices getting smaller, smarter and more efficient with every day, it is easier than ever to collect information of the products in the pipeline of a rival company or their know-how and production methods. This is especially important in visitation of production lines which are often opened to the general public. We thus decided to take a look at how the companies protect their secrets from their visitors and visited a car production line of a car manufacturing company. We were greeted by a very friendly guide who welcomed and informed us about what we could expect. Then he asked to keep to ourselves what we are about to see and to secure our devices by placing them into provided X-BAG®. It was then that several assistants brought X-BAG®s for every visitor. After we placed our personal devices into the X-BAG®, it was sealed by a security. When the X-BAG® was secured in such a way they were returned to us. The guide stressed that this was as much for their protection as it was for ours and we started with the tour. When we finished and returned to our starting point, the assistants again reappeared. We were told not to open the X-BAG® for ourselves but to await one of the assistants. The assistant checked if the sticker was damaged in any way and since it wasn’t, he returned our devices to us, thanked for the visit, wished us a nice day and went about his business. After this we were led out of the building. X-BAG® is state of the art, timeless, high-performance, shields also less used frequencies and is future-proof against even the upcoming technologies. Last but not least, it’s a stress-free solution and this kind of innovation technologies is always welcome.