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Case study no. 5 – Embassy


We are living in an information age, where cyber-attacks, identity thefts, unauthorized bank account withdrawals and hackings happen on a daily basis. Not to mention all the information collecting from governments, organizations, companies and individuals alike. We really have to do everything we can to protect our personal data, our identity. Probably nowhere else is the need to protect sensitive information more urgent, then at an Embassy. Embassy is essential a small part of state A in state B. One can imagine, that state B will probably do all it can, to get as much information from state A as possible. The security levels in these building therefore rival those of the penitentiary system; sometimes they go even further. The need to secure a place where new, strange people go in and out of on a daily basis is quite challenging. It can be very simple to equip a person with a specialized spying device or just some personal smart device, send him in, collect the information and get him out. This was always a problem for the security chiefs of the embassy. Information leaks, communication, unwanted data transfer or collection were not uncommon because even if the visitor relinquished his or her device, it could still connect to a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other public or private network or make records. It was only with the X-BAG® that a simple and safe solution was presented to this problem. Chief of security John M. describes how the security works today: “Any visitor to the embassy has to relinquish his device to the security. We put it in an X-BAG® which we know is 100% secure because of its shielding capability. We also put this device called REC killer into the bag next to the device, because it can jam all possible records made by the device. Then we put a security sticker on it to make sure the person doesn’t open the bag and we give the bag secured in such a way to the visitor.” As John said, the X-BAG® is 100% secure, because it can shield a wide range of frequencies form going in or out of the bag. “X-BAG® is great. It solved one of the big problems that we’ve had. The visitors are happy that they can keep their devices with them all the time, we’re happy because we know data transfer and collection isn’t possible. It’s just great.” John M. Chief of security The X-BAG® thus offers easy, elegant and simple solution to a common problem. It is state of the art, timeless, high-performance, shields also less used frequencies and is future-proof against even the upcoming technologies. Last but not least, it’s a stress-free solution and this kind of innovation technologies is always welcome.