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Case study no. 1 – Prison


We are living in an information age, where cyber-attacks, identity thefts, unauthorized bank account withdrawals and hackings happen on a daily basis. Not to mention all the information collecting from governments, organizations, companies and individuals alike. We really have to do everything we can to protect our personal data, our identity. So we took to ourselves to look at how X-BAG ® helps in the penitentiary system to increase the security by preventing unwanted data transfers. As one can imagine, security is very important in the penitentiary system, especially prisons and other correctional facilities. As we enter the facility, we are asked if we have guns and/or other deadly weapons. If so, we have to relinquish them to the security. In the past, the relinquished cell phones, smartphones and other personal devices were just placed into various kinds of storage area. This has, however, not prevented information leaks, communication, unwanted data transfer or collection, etc. through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or otherwise, because the device could still connect to a public or private network or make records. As John D., the head of security says: “Sometimes the information transferred in the smartphone or other smart, portable device can be even more dangerous and can have the value of one or even more human lives.” John D. the head of prison security One can imagine it was all the more dangerous if the visitor knew what he or she was doing, or was even an experienced hacker. So just placing the device away from the visitor’s reach isn’t enough anymore. Today with our visit, the security places our devices in the X-BAG®, which offers a much higher level of security. In this specific facility, after the device is placed in the X-BAG®, the security places a security sticker on the X-BAG®. The bag is then returned to us. Our devices thus remain protected and undamaged and we don’t have to worry about our privacy, our private information in our smartphones, tablets, laptops or other devices. With our devices in the X-BAG®, we can continue our way in. At some of the other facilities, the X-BAG® is taken away from the visitors and is placed into a secure holding area. As we make our way out, we return the X-BAG® to the security which checks the integrity of the sticker. Since it is intact, the sticker is removed and our devices are returned to us, undamaged. We don’t have to worry that they were tampered with, while they were inside the X-BAG®. “It’s a clear and fair game.” John D. chief of security The X-BAG® thus offers easy, elegant and simple solution to a common problem. It is state of the art, timeless, high-performance, shields also less used frequencies and is future-proof against even the upcoming technologies. Last but not least, it’s a stress-free solution and this kind of innovation technologies is always welcome.