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Low enforcement use

For example, the X-BAG can prevent a remote operator or attacker to log in during the transport of the evidence into the crime lab, and thus protect the evidence from being destroyed. The X-BAG product line is designed for professionals, but is very useful and popular with individuals as well. They are optimal for shielding applications in Law Enforcement – Federal, State and Local, Military, Correctional facilities, Intelligence Agencies, Crime Scene Investigators, quick response units etc. A suspicious object can be placed into a frequency free space of an X-BAG, which can prohibit the activation of explosives detonators. The bags can prohibit remote users from deleting the data from secured technologies and they can be utilized for secure transport for analysis. At courts, prisons and other state institutions with special regime, the visitors can place their mobile devices into the X-BAG so that not only the GSM, but also other frequencies are eliminated. For example, the X-BAG can prevent a communication or transfer of data, pictures or recordings through Bluetooth or WiFi network. X-BAG would be the elegant, definitely higher security level and of course stress free solution. No matter if you are an individual or a professional, the X-BAG Law Enforcement product line is the best choice. A new feature is the so called REC killer. In the past, a smartphone was placed into safe space or a GSM jammer was used and all signals were blocked. However the smartphone could have been used as a recording device and the records could have been sent afterwards when the smartphone reaches GSM, Bluetooth or WiFi network. Now, the X-BAG offers a new solution for this, in which a buzzer element is placed next to the smartphone, which will corrupt the recording through vibrations.