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Public use

Compared to GSM jammers, the X-BAG is the best choice, since it is passive, lawful and creates a frequency free environment, which covers a wide spectrum. Proof is also the never ending development and implementation of new technologies, which use other frequency spectrums. It suffices to look back a couple of years and realize how quickly the GSM network developed into 3G and 4G technologies.

The X-BAG can also be used for personal use by lawyers, politicians, high level management to protect personal data, plans and strategies or their know-how or manufacturing secrets.

In some factories for example, the visitor’s mobile devices have their lens taped over so that they can’t take pictures of the production. The company already has complaints, that someone scratched or damaged the lens during the removal of security stickers. X-BAG would be the elegant, definitely higher security level and of course stress free solution. No matter if you are an individual or a professional, the X-BAG Law Enforcement product line is the best choice. A new feature is the so called REC killer. In the past, a smartphone was placed into safe space or a GSM jammer was used and all signals were blocked. However the smartphone could have been used as a recording device and the records could have been sent afterwards when the smartphone reaches GSM, Bluetooth or WiFi network. Now, the X-BAG offers a new solution for this, in which a buzzer element is placed next to the smartphone, which will corrupt the recording through vibrations.