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Technical specification of X-bag

color: silver
thickness: 0,5mm
weight: approx. 130g/m²
layers: 9
shielding: RF & LF electric fields
freq_range: 1MHz to 30GHz
damping (dB): up to 118dB
damping (%): 99,99999999%
screening_material: Copper/Nickel mix
carrier_material: Polyester

Signals blocked by X-BAG®

Wireless technologies


RFID technologies

Bank cards

“Flash memory” using technologies

Application of X-BAG®

X-BAG® product line presents ultra-high RFI screening performance shielding products with over 100dB damping and offers an impressive RF shielding performance of more than 100dB.

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Blocking graph

Efficiency up to 60 GHz, damping up to 118 dB

Signal examples

Examples for possible radiating sources within a frequency range (1MHz - 60GHz) which can be screened: