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X-bag® series



Worlds first 5G blocking product

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X-bag® BUSINESS series

Basic shielding performance

5 various layers


Stronger shielding performance – for higher safety

9 various layers

X-bag® Low enforcement series

World’s first and unique product for shielding against 5G CELLULAR NETWORK

9 various layers with strongest shielding

Technical data

The X-BAG product line presents ultra-high RFI screening performance bags. Their innovative, state of the art, strong and lightweight design, portability, ease of use thanks to magnetic locks and unique shielding features based on the principles of Faraday cage are unmatched by the competition and makes them the first choice for not only law enforcement but individuals as well.

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X-BAG prevents the different cases

SIM card location tracking

Cell phone or tablet location and content tracking

Using a mobile phone to eavesdropping

Laptop content tracking

Scanning the RFID technologies

Store technologies that cannot be deactivated

Temporary storage of various items