X-BAG arrived


X-BAG is next in a long series of successful projects by the company EUROPE INFOWAY with Ladislav Kovacs as the CEO, which was created and is based on years of experience in providing technologies, services and counseling in the area of general security, personal security and protection of property. Our aim is to maintain basic principles and the main reasons for the creation of our company. These are diligent approach towards business, warranty quality and post-warranty service, emphasis on quality and reliability of our products and providing services with the highest quality in the marked.

X-BAG is an extraordinary project especially now in a time, when most of technologies used today allow wanted or unwanted information collection (leaks) for the needs of governments, organizations, companies or individuals. X-BAG offers an elegant, simple, functioning and legal solution to protect yourself from unwanted data transfer and intrusions into your privacy. It’s a very successful product, already being used by professionals in the police department, correctional facilities, security agencies, army, high ranking political officials, top level management, VIPs and other organizations and individuals, who value their data and privacy. The X-BAG represents the newest, best, cutting edge in protection of personal devices. It represents the highest possible standard in its product and price range, which is unmatched by the competition.

X-BAG is based on the principal of Faradays cage, which creates a frequency free environment inside the bag, thus blocking all incoming and outgoing signals. X-BAG comes in a variety of sizes which can suit your specific needs, can hold cell phones, smartphones, tables, laptops, drives and other portable devices, and can prohibit the access to these devices from the outside, thus protecting your valuable data stored on them. The newest feature of the X-BAG is the REC killer, which is a vibrating element placed near the device in the X-BAG and can thus prohibit the device from making any records. The X-BAG can also prohibit the devices placed inside of it from making contact with the outside world. Customization of the X-BAG is also possible.

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