The first choice of professionals.

We are living in a time where information is the most valuable commodity, so you should make every effort to protect it. Now, with the X-BAG product line, it is easier than ever to protect your personal devices and all the data stored therein.

The X-BAG product line presents ultra-high RFI screening performance bags. Their innovative, state of the art, strong and lightweight design, portability, ease of use thanks to magnetic locks and unique shielding features based on the principles of Faraday cage are unmatched by the competition and makes them the first choice for not only law enforcement but individuals as well.

The X-BAG product line is made of Copper / Nickel mix of screening material and Polyester carrier material with thickness of 0.5 mm, which makes the X-BAG strong and durable. This design provides the bags with their unique features. They are capable to shield RF & LF electric fields with frequency range of 1MHz to 30GHz and damping 99.99999999% of volume up to 118dB. The bags can thus effectively shield following sources: Radio & TV, TETRA, ISM434, LTE800, ISM868, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, DECT, UMTS, WLAN, Microwave, Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE2.6, WiMAX, 5GHz WLAN, PAR, Radar, Directional Radio, Miscellaneous satellite applications, Military applications, etc. The X-BAG provides also protection of RFID technologies from being scanned, cloned and misused. All these features offer you the best RF and EMC screening worldwide in this product and price category.

Shielding Characteristic

Efficiency up to 30 GHz, damping up to 118 dB
X-BAG Shielding Characteristic